Food Network Magazine

Food Network Magazine Review (April 2015 issue)

 I love the Food Network! My absolute favorite shows are Chopped and Master Chef Jr. When I found out that the Food Network had their own magazine, I may have freaked out just a little bit! 😉 I was especially excited about this issue because it has a spread all about becoming a professional at latte art.

     I really enjoyed reading this article! However, I found it much more useful to look up a YouTube video on how to making amazing latte art. Besides that one piece of critique, the magazine has a very nice interface that’s apealing to all. One thing that I found to be a distraction was all of the advertisements in the magazine but what can you do about that? Overall, the April 2015 issue was quite a read!

  Last but definitely not least, my favorite spread in the April 2015 issue was the 50 ways to make toast! They covered a wide array of all different kinds of flavors and are sure to meet your cravings with at least one of their amazing suggestions for toast!


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