Must haves 

Fall is finally here you guys and I am loving all things COZY!

At Williams-Sonoma, we have already brought out our newest and greatest for Halloween, Fall, and Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday!). Going to work and seeing all of these wonderful fall products makes me so excited about the weather changing, bringing out the cozy sweaters and whipping out delicious cappuccinos!


What are your fall must haves? Mine are summed up in this picture!

Leave a comment telling me what your favorite drink is during the fall! 


What are you must haves? Leave a comment telling me what you can’t live without in your kitchen for a follow! 

Coming Soon: My Kitchen Must Haves and Kitchen Wishlist

Outdoor Dinnerware Must Have for The Summer: 

Williams-Sonoma outdoor dinnerwear Coastal Melamine Collection is perfect for those summer nights munching on some watermelon feta mint salad.

Summer Food Must Haves:

Watermelon Feta Mint salad:


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