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We all know and love Chipotle’s iconic cilantro-lime rice and fresh tomato salsa, but do you love the price? Me neither! Here’s my take on how to achieve the Chipotle taste with a more friendly price attached.

What will you need? (Ingredients)

White basmati rice

Cilantro (store bought or homegrown)

Lime (store bought or homegrown)

Fresh campari or grape tomatoes (or any tomatoes of your liking)

Red onion


Sea salt

What to do?

Cilantro-Lime Rice 

 Take 1 cup basmati rice, 2 cups water and place in pot on high with a lid. Let water boil and then turn down to low or simmer with lid on for 15-20 minutes until rice has absorbed all of the water and is nice and fluffy. Once rice is done, put all of the rice in a big serving bowl and let it stand/cool down for 10-15 minutes. In this time, you can start finely chopping up the cilantro and adding lime juice in a separate bowl. Once rice has cooled, add in desired amount of cilantro and lime juice and mix in well. To finish your rice, add a pinch of sea salt for seasoning and you are all set!

Quick tips for making Cilantro-lime rice

1. Make sure that your rice is basmati or long grain rice.

2. When chopping up cilantro, take 10-15 leaves and roll them up together and start by chiffonading. To get even finer cilantro with better bites of flavor, use a vegetable chopper.

3. When trying to squeeze lime juice, using a lime press makes a world of difference (

Fresh Tomato Salsa 

 Start by chopping/dicing up your campari or grape tomatoes (Campari tomatoes are my personal favorite, but you can use any tomatoes that you like best) and then finely chop up some red onion. Next, seed your jalapeños and dice them, as well as chopping up your cilantro. Finally, mix all of the chopped up ingredients together in a medium sized serving bowl and add a pinch of sea salt to finish it off!

Quick tips for making Fresh tomato salsa:

1. Don’t be a afraid of adding whatever you’d like! Add some fresh avocado, or mice some garlic. Whatever flavors suit you best!

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Last Week of My First Job 

I got my very first job last year in November at Williams-Sonoma as a seasonal cashier, and I couldn’t have been more excited to have a job! I knew from the start that I most likely was only going to have my job for the holidays, which of course made me sad then because I was already learning so much! Fortunately for me, management was able to keep me on the Williams-Sonoma Monterey team! It has been the best six months working alongside some really great people. I just want to thank every single one of my co-workers and say that it has been an amazing time with you guys. Thank you for making my first job so unforgettable and amazing!  My last day is May 10th, 2015. I will be moving back home for the summer and of course I will be back to come visit.

Love, Christina!

 Thank you Blythe for saving the Rosemary for me!!

Who’s Your Blogspiration?

Here are some of my favorite Blogs:

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I love how Simple Provisions has a page called “My Bookshelf”! It is very cute and easy to find all of her favorite cook books! Very clever! (


She also has an awesome blog post about foods to serve for summer treats, savory and sweet! (

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~ “Whiskful” for a Spoonful ~


~Wishful for a Spoonful~

We all know that new things are exciting and maybe a little scary at times, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try the new things, right? I urge everyone to try one new thing every week!

What are you “whiskful” for?

I set some goals for myself this summer and first on the list (ironically) was actually to start a food blog (checked that off of my list). Some others things that are on my list include: learning how to do latte art (which honestly seems like the most difficult task ever, who knows if I’ll ever be able to do that), planting an herb garden (I actually have a great start to one in my dorm room that consists of a tomato plant, a spicy globe basil, sunflowers, and snap peas) and lastly on my list is to do “Do It Yourself” bath bombs, because we all know that bath bombs are much too expensive, so why not try to make your own? I am hopeful and wishful that I can get these goals accomplished.

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Who am I? What is my Blog about? Keep reading!

My name is Christina Messick. I am currently a student at CSU Monterey Bay studying Environmental Studies. However, my sights are set on Culinary School but for now I am just going with the flow. The Culinary world opened their doors to me a few months ago when I got my job at Williams-Sonoma as a sales associate. I have learned so many things from this job and it really made me realize how much I love food, cooking, and baking! It made me miss having my own kitchen to try new recipes and explore with different herbs and spices because living in the dorms makes that very difficult. This summer I will be basically living in my parents kitchen and I’m so excited to do so! I have many joys if I’m not trying to grow my own food, planting herb gardens, tending to my plants or in the kitchen whipping up something tasty. I’m also always reading cooking magazines, watching the Food Network,  and taking nice baths with bath bombs and bubble bars from Lush Cosmetics. Here you will see it all, Subscribe if you see anything that interests you. On Christina’s View, anything is possible! You will find my favorite recipes with substitution ideas so everyone will enjoy the meal and book and magazine reviews! I love taking pictures as well, so you might find some photos of my life or what I eat in a day on this blog. Stay connected! Christina’s View has a youtube channel @christinamessick, bear with me for now, the channel is undergoing some big changes, and please feel free to subscribe there as well.

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