Who am I? What is my Blog about? Keep reading!

My name is Christina Messick. I am currently a student at CSU Monterey Bay studying Environmental Studies. However, my sights are set on Culinary School but for now I am just going with the flow. The Culinary world opened their doors to me a few months ago when I got my job at Williams-Sonoma as a sales associate. I have learned so many things from this job and it really made me realize how much I love food, cooking, and baking! It made me miss having my own kitchen to try new recipes and explore with different herbs and spices because living in the dorms makes that very difficult. This summer I will be basically living in my parents kitchen and I’m so excited to do so! I have many joys if I’m not trying to grow my own food, planting herb gardens, tending to my plants or in the kitchen whipping up something tasty. I’m also always reading cooking magazines, watching the Food Network,  and taking nice baths with bath bombs and bubble bars from Lush Cosmetics. Here you will see it all, Subscribe if you see anything that interests you. On Christina’s View, anything is possible! You will find my favorite recipes with substitution ideas so everyone will enjoy the meal and book and magazine reviews! I love taking pictures as well, so you might find some photos of my life or what I eat in a day on this blog. Stay connected! Christina’s View has a youtube channel @christinamessick, bear with me for now, the channel is undergoing some big changes, and please feel free to subscribe there as well.

I am also on Instagram @christinamessick

Thanks for reading! Happy trails, happy snails, and go explore! Anything is possible!
-Christina Messick on Christina’s View


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